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3 reasons why you need THIS for your next corporate event!

Updated: May 18, 2018

If you have ever been to one corporate event, you've pretty much been to them all!

It's just the same thing isn't it? Speeches, a few awards, dinner and of course the corporate entertainment. Or maybe it's a product launch or corporate conference that feels flat and uninspired.

For alot of us here in Singapore most of the corporate entertainment options are those that are the same standard common ones everyone has seen before.

To make an event REALLY shine, you need something wildly unique and interesting!

Ideally, the corporate entertainment option that you'd want to see should accomplish these 3 things:

1. Incorporate Your Company Brand or Values

This will allow YOUR brand, message, new product or company values to be delivered in a fresh new way! This retains client memory of it and most importantly shows your clients the extent of your dedication to your company's message or values, such that even your corporate entertainment is talking about it!

2. Show your guests something they have never seen before!

Your entertainment option should ideally be something that your clients or guests have never seen before. A real treat!

This shows your clients or guests that you truly care about their enjoyment and experience at your corporate event.

3. Audience Interaction and Engagement

People always enjoy seeing their peers be part of the show! This interactive aspect of corporate entertainment is what makes it a true unforgettable memory!

All 3 points above are exactly what corporate comedy magic can do for your next corporate event!

YES! Corporate Comedy Magic!

If you haven't heard of corporate comedy magic by now, you're REALLY missing out!

Here's how corporate comedy magic easily accomplishes all 3 points I mentioned above:

1. Incorporate Your Company Brand or Values

In all my corporate comedy magic shows I do, I always endeavor to incorporate the company's message or values. I don't mean just mentioning it verbally or just printing company logos to slap on my props. I mean I seriously incorporate the company's message INTO my performance.

Company slogans or values become the 'magic words' or the new product launch will be given a 'magical touch'. I can't give away too much information as this is one of my strongest trade secrets that my clients enjoy. If you want to know more about how I can incorporate your brand, values or new product launch, contact me and let me know, you'll be glad you did!

In my experience, corporate clients LOVE this as the performance becomes BESPOKE to their event and is one-of-a-kind!

2. Show your guests something they have never seen before!

Mention 'magic' and the first thing most people think about is kids parties :(

What many of them fail to realize is that there also exists a mature, adult and sophisticated side to magic as well.

Corporate comedy magic is inherently funny and is the ONLY entertainment option that will leave audiences in stitches and amazed at the same time.

Your audience isn't likely to forget that! And YOU, the event organizer ends up looking like a true pro for picking out such a unique corporate entertainment option!

3. Audience Interaction and Engagement

Corporate comedy magic uses ALOT of audience interaction and engagement! People are brought on stage for tricks, tricks happen on people's phones in the audience, etc. The audience is just as part of the show as the entertainer! Ultimately they become THE STARS of the event!

Any good performance MUST have something called dynamic range. I always do to best to ensure my corporate comedy magic shows have dynamic range. So, some illusions are dangerous (or appear to be anyway!) and leave people on the edge of their seats while some illusions are incredibly shocking and will be talked about long after the show is over, all while ensuring everything is amazing and funny at the same time!

To see how I do all these things for YOUR next event, watch the video below!

If you are keen to give your next corporate event the one thing it's been missing all this time, hire Aman Alhamid! Head over to his services page to INSTANTLY block your date now!

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